Whitney Ross | Lifestyle Entrepreneur and Wellness Coach

Westport, CT

Noreen Ehrlich | Personal Success and Relationship Coach

Greenwich, CT

Your images uniquely exude your clients’ PASSION and TALENTS.
— Noreen Ehrlich

janice Viekman|interior ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN

seattle, wa

Jeffrey Shaw | Business Coach

Miami Beach, FL

I AM SO BLOWN AWAY! This is the best series of photos of me ever taken. I knew they were going to be good but these far exceed any expectation I could have had.
— Jeffrey Shaw

Karen Legan | Lemon Dahlia ~ Floral Design

Wilton, CT

Thank you to the most professional, creative, fun and client friendly team!!!! I receive so many compliments about my website that you helped me develop. Especially grateful for the way you made me look about 10 years younger.
— Karen Legan

Sherri Wolfgang | Artist

Westport, CT

I absolutely LOVE working with you. As a painter I see two dimensional with border. You really got how I see things!! BEST DAY today!!!!
— Sherri Wolfgang

Moshe Aelyon | Interior Designer & Lifestylist

New York, NY & Istanbul, Turkey

Pam, yesterday was beyond FUN! Thank you . . . you made it so intimate and easy.
— Moshe Aelyon

Anail Mitra | Natural Health and Spiritual Development

Newtown, CT