Kind Words


You are TOO MUCH! We had so much fun at the shoot. My friend said she couldn't wait to see the pictures and I almost said what pictures? I think for a minute I forgot there was a product, not just a process. You are so good at making people comfortable. Must be the Michigan coming out in you... -JS Westport, CT

You have over exceeded my expectations again. This was a fabulous shoot. Even if there were no pictures, it was worth it for the experience. - R&DS Darien, CT

We miss Westport and our photos are such wonderful reminders of our happy times in the US. I think you would have a roaring trade here because everyone who comes into the house praises your work!! Thanks for producing something that gives us pleasure everyday. - VK London, England

We were just saying (again) what an amazing experience this whole process has been. Thanks not only for the beautiful pictures, but for bringing tremendous warmth and a great sense of connection to each step along the way. - AD

First let me thank you for your artistry, your patience, and your good humor as you worked with us up in Harbor Springs. The beauty of your work speaks for itself, and we can't wait to hang the photographs on our walls. -KF Holland, MI

I also wanted to let you know that we've sent out Christmas cards/ birth announcements etc. ever since the kids were born and we have never gotten a response we got this year. People are calling, texting, emailing to let us know how much they love our Christmas cards. - HT South Salem, NY

I cannot tell you how much Dave and I love the beautiful book you put together for Dave's birthday... This is the kind of keepsake that is an investment! If there is ever a fire in my home, I will grab the kids first, then this book second. RD Darien, CT

p: 203 221-1818